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Spam Filter - STOP SPAM NOW - Without having to download, configure or maintain any clumsy software.

We offer the easiest email VIRUS and SPAM filtering system - in the world!

Email Filter System Summary:

Our system gives you instant access to an enterprise grade email spam and virus filter. Our servers will remove the spam and virus emails out of your existing email account every 5 minutes. There is nothing that you have to download or update. You have access to our realtime spam viewer 24x7 listing all of the spam emails we filtered out for you - with the option to retrieve any.

This Anti Spam Service Offers:
Nothing to download to your computer By offering a service, we run all the filtering remotely. This means you don't have to worry about getting all set up and keeping your software up to date. This is done on the enterprise grade systems at FilterMy.Com Custom Filter Management You get a personal web interface to access all of the spam that gets removed and held in quarantine.
Your email filtered before you even see it Spam email and viruses get removed right from your existing email account. This means that dangerous viruses never even get to your computer. Quick setup Your account is created quickly. Best of all, it works with your current email address so you don't have to change your email address.

Usually,'s decisions concerning what is spam are pretty accurate, but if the inevitable false positive strikes, you can recover the message easily... All in all, is a really easy to use way to get rid of spam. review of FilterMy.Com anti spam email filterr

FilterMy.Com works well with:
  • Any POP3 Email Account
  • Outlook, Outlook Express
  • Incredimail, Eudora, Pegasus, Netscape Mail, Any Email Client
  • Intel PC's And Macs
It is easy to sign up for our simple spam remedy...

Email spam and virus filtering.

  • Fast Setup
  • No charge for 1 month
  • Cancel any time
  • Only $9.95 /month
  • Easy to use

  • FilterMy.Com has worked for mn.yu PCNET.RO  

    Hear from our users...

    Quick Note:

    Now you don't have to get spam or email viruses any more. Why should you? You have better things to do with your time. You don't need to read that garbage.

    We have developed a service that will clean your email - without you having to download, install or maintain any software. Our server simply downloads the email in your account, filters it and you only see the stuff you want. You don't have to waste your time sorting it any more. Just sign up and forget it, we take care of all the rest.


    We have built an enterprise grade network and deployed some of the industry's most advanced spam fighting software on it. The software we use is designed to protect entire email networks. We then built a custom service that would allow individual users like you to access this powerful system.

    Why did we go to all this trouble?

    So you don't have to! With all the things that you already have to do in a day, one thing you don't need is a drain of spam on your precious time. The other thing you don't need is an awkward spam filter; one that you have to install, train, configure, curse at.

    That is why we built FilterMy.Com.

    All you have to do is turn it on. It is simple to configure (just fill out our signup form), it updates itself, it gets trained on its own (by highly skilled support staff), and it checks your email and cans the garbage before you even read it.

    Blocking spam doesn't get easier than FilterMy.Com

    Get back to enjoying your email.


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    Xoftspy v3.2

    Xoftspy is the latest in spyware detection and removal. Xoftspy will hunt down and remove from your machine all known spyware/adware that is on the market today. 91% of PC's are infected with spyware.

    Try Xoftspy right now for FREE and see for yourself if your PC is infected!
    Spyware & Adware are files that are installed on your computer without your knowledge. They allow companies to monitor your Internet browsing patterns and even allow companies to inundate you with those annoying "pop up" ads! Most people are familiar with freeware, shareware, cookies, media players, interactive content, and file sharing. What they may not realize is that some of the aforementioned may contain code or components that allow the developers of these applications and tools to actually collect and disseminate information about those using them.

    They can track your surfing habits, abuse your Internet connection by sending this data to a third party, profile your shopping preferences, hijack your browser start page or pages, alter important system files, and can do this without your knowledge or permission. The security and privacy implications of these exploits should be quite obvious and undesirable on any system or network!
    Works with:  Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP
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