From Our Customers

"Am I happy? That is an UNDERSTATEMENT - I am thrilled! I am just so shocked at how many fewer spams I have been receiving. It looks like you guys block an average of 40 a day. Unbelievable."
Tanya Hannon

"Getting that address was the best thing I could have ever done! I've literally gained almost 30 minutes every morning that I used to spend deleting all of those junk messages - even with my mail program filtering some of it out. I can't believe how much more enjoyable it is to go to my computer in the morning! Keep up the good work! Oh, by the way, you can expect me to recommend your services to my clients - quite a few of them could use the commercial version."
Dave Daoust
RejuviNET Marketing Network

"I took three email accounts which I've had for several years, which combined were getting over 150 spam messages a day, and set them up with 99% of the Spam is gone, and now all the time we used to spend sorting through that junk is spent communicating with people who matter. The time savings alone is a no-brainer. Thanks!"

Perry Marshall
Perry Marshall and Associates

"I am very happy so far with the service. The ones that get through, I forward on to you. Have been out of town and am pleased to see there is not one porn e-mail. Thanks again"

"When I am on the road transporting horses I don't have time to download all the Spam to get at the mail that really matters. I want Spam eliminated before I even spend the time to download it from my server, and this is how your service works. I get only the good stuff. Your support is prompt and effective. Every question I had was answered in an hour or two. Never had important mail filtered by mistake. So for both price and effectiveness I highly recommend your service."
Terry Hirneisen

The filter service is good in that it helps filter spam messages so we can save time in reading e-mail messages that are important to our organisation.
Thanks and best regards,"

Sunny Sultan
Business Executive

"Well what can I say it works. I only have to delete a small amount now"